Give Yourself a Gift Today

By giving someone else a gift.

On the heels of my last post asking for change I offer this up…

I was recently in Safeway (Grocery Store) checking out early on a Sunday morning. There was a Safeway employee behind me in line. She looked like she worked in the bakery or deli given her hat and apron. I smiled and said hello. She put a diet coke up on the belt behind my big pile of groceries. I grabbed her coke, she looked at me like I was nuts, and asked the cashier to scan it and add it to my bill. I turned to the worker, handed her the diet coke, and said, “I thought I’d save you a few minutes and a buck or two…have a wonderful rest of your day”. That crazy look turned into one of gratitude…almost stunned. I left the store with an extra skip in my step. Continue reading “Give Yourself a Gift Today”