Should You Fake It ‘Til You Make It?

When I decided to jump off the cliff and go fully out on my own 6 years ago I received a ton of advice from varying people.  A few of the pieces of advice I got were to get a custom made suit and an expensive pen to sign contracts in front of clients, get a top notch website that makes it look like you are a “real company”, and to charge the highest market price for your services so that people view you as the best in the business.

I scratched my head at this advice.  And, my stomach turned.  It was all in complete conflict with my mantra STAY TRUE.

But, were they right?  Why did this advice make me feel inadequate?  How was I going to compete with the “successful” consultants/coaches?

I had worked hard in my career and on myself for 20 years yet I was brought back to the darkest days of my insecurites.

With one shot to do this…

…my gut won.

I did none of it.

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