A five year old is in critical condition after a hit and run.

My client had a 20 yr old intern.  He attended his funeral this past week.  He was hit by a car.

Another Maryland police officer is dead after a senseless act of crime.

A longtime family friend’s wife, 37 years old, just underwent emergency surgery, and found out she was riddled with cancer.

These are real scenarios that I have heard about in the last 48 hours.  I am sure you could add to this list of similar scenarios…as could I. Continue reading “Today?”

What’s Your Leadership Methodology?

I was recently in a meeting and someone asked me, “What is your leadership methodology?”   Honestly, I thought to myself, “Huh?”  But instead I asked, “what do you mean by methodology?  You mean what do I think makes a good leader?  How do I coach a potential leader?”  I got, “you know what I mean.”  Well, actually I didn’t, but I did get a moment of clarity.  I don’t have a singular methodology when working with individuals or businesses on leadership nor will I ever.  Why?  Simple and well known.  Every individual and business is different. Furthermore, I have yet to come up with a new methodology that surpasses the fundamentals of human engagement.  In my blog post Crazy Busy? Create T.I.M.E, I outlined the core of my beliefs on leadership but thought I would elaborate on what I think makes a good leader.   Could you call it a methadology?  I suppose if you wanted to sound like an expert of sorts or claim that you or I came up with it. Both of which would rarely be true.  The reality is it’s mostly known, unfortunately not widely practiced.  Easy read….in bullet form.

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