Who are YOU?

If I asked you to draw a penny, could you?  What is on the face of a penny?  Who?  And, can you put all that is on a penny in the right place?  Go ahead, try it.  Really, stop reading, and try it.

You failed, right?  If you didn’t fail, congrats, you are among a rare minority.

We have been handling pennies since we were small children…20, 30, 40 or even 60 plus years of handling pennies yet we could not even describe exactly what is on it.  Sad, isn’t it.

I have been doing this excercise for about a decade with individuals, small groups and larger audiences. I can remember maybe 3 times that someone got it right.  I have always found it interesting but only in the last few years have I flipped the script on what the exercise illustrates for me.  What began as an excercise about paying attention to detail turned into an excercise about self.  Let me explain. Continue reading “Who are YOU?”