Real Men DO Cry…

…Even in front of their kids.

I recently had to take a trip to Ireland for business.  Now, I am a guy that hates leaving his family on a daily basis. I miss them.  I worry about them.  I often find myself wishing I didn’t have to work, but feeling grateful that I can provide and that my clients believe enough in me to do the important work.  Any Dad that loves their family the way I do, understands the balancing act and all the thoughts that go with it.

When I have to leave for 1 or 2 nights for a domestic business trip it pains me.  But, leaving for an international trip is gut wrenching.  I cry, my wife cries, and my boys beg me to stay home and say “no planes Daddy.”  I balled like a baby walking out of my house on my way to Ireland…and half way to the airport. Continue reading “Real Men DO Cry…”