Sometimes It’s Not So Black and White

REPOSTED FROM MAY 2015…Sadly even more relevant a year later.

And, sometimes it is.

I had said that I was unsure how the topics of this blog would unfold.  I surely did not think I would be writing about race this soon into starting this platform.  Baltimore is my hometown and I feel compelled to touch on the controversial topic because of that.  Well, to be a little more transparent, it is a topic that has affected my life and my being in profound ways so without a doubt this will not be the last time you hear from me about it.  And, I think, so much of it is in fact BLACK vs WHITE. Continue reading “Sometimes It’s Not So Black and White”

An Hour a Day Keeps the HR Director Away


Remember my post Crazy Busy…Create T.I.M.E?  If not, go back in the archives and read it.  Today I want to simply add an “R” to this acronym. The “R” stands for relationships.  So now we have T.I.M.E.R..  I am convinced if you don’t understand these baselines of leadership that your timer is clicking in your current position.  And, the HR director could be paying you a visit in the next 6-12 months!  If not the HR director, than you will simply continue to be a marginal leader with people saying some of the below about you.  Right, read on…truths to come.

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