Jump Son, You CAN Fly…and Will Soar

I have been writing letters to my sons before the days they were both born.  My plan is to give them to them in a book when they graduate.  I always include a lot of relevant pictures as I think they speak as loud as any words and hope they enjoy looking back at them. I felt compelled to share this one…proud and emotional Dad.

My Dear Son Jaxon,

You are loved beyond measure.  I simply can’t put into words how incredibly honored I am to have the privilege to be your father.  It is hard for me to believe that it took your mother and I over two years to conceive you and now I will be dropping you off for your first day of school tomorrow, September 6, 2016.

As I sit down to write this to you I have a calidiscope of images in my head.  The day we found out Mom was pregnant with you, the day you were born, the many baths we shared, your giggle, your cry, you crawling around our townhouse, the day you met your little brother, you dancing around our new home the day we moved in.  And, I hear the maturation of you calling for me…”Da Da”, “Daddy” and now “Dad”.  You have brought more joy and purpose to my life than I thought possible and I thank you with all that I am.

image  image  image

Thanks to Mom, you have not spent one day in daycare since the day you were born.  We owe her more than we could ever repay her for her love and sacrifices.  Mom has spent everyday with you for four years.  That’s why tomorrow is such a big day…for the first time, you will spend the day with people we do not know well at your new School, Crossroads Christian Academy.  Let me first say that we are so proud of the young boy that you have become and are very confident you will adjust well and excel in school.  But honestly, today the emotions are high.  I as your father simply feel like I am putting wings on you and it gives me butterflies.  And, your Mom, she loves having you home with her, Jaxon, so this is going to be hard on her.  From day one, the bond you two have is so deep…captured in this picture just weeks after you were born and continues today…you are a guiding light in her life.

image  image

And then there is your best friend and brother Maxwell.  Man, is he going to miss you.  You guys are bothers to the bone.  You do everything together.  I actually had to move Maxwell’s bed into your room a few months ago.  It’s a big couple of weeks for you two.  Your first day of school and Max turns 3 in just 10 days.  We have a lot to celebrate as a family.  But, I will say that there is nothing that gives me more joy and pride than to see the two of you connected the way that you are.

image  image  image


Jaxon, you need to know that as you greet the world tomorrow in a different way, that you, at every corner, have the three of us with you.  Remember, the Capshaws always travel “back to back”…we got this Boogie!

Now, I am attempting to stay strong for your mother and you, but when you read this years from now you will probably have figured out that I am a pretty emotional man.  I couldn’t even see your name on the wall at school orientation without fighting back tears.  I simply can’t believe that time has flown by and that my little man is starting school.

I love you so deeply Jaxon.  Tomorrow when I drop you off at school, I will turn around, give you a thumbs up and set you free (and then drive off, pull over and cry)

Fly Jaxon!  Fly!  You will Soar!

You are a gift to this world.  Never play small.  Treat people with decency…always.  It’s ok to feel insecure or afraid…share those times with me.  Yet, be courageous.  Stand up for the underdog and never be the bully.  Learn to love to learn.  Always know that you are loved and worthy.  Let your light shine, Jaxon….you are a radiant and loving being that will enrich many lives should you choose to shine….I hope  many are as lucky as I have been in these past four years.

And lastly, STAY TRUE!  Do not let anyone strip you of who you are or your dreams.  Stay the course when others doubt you…it is your core being that will guide you.


Thumbs up, buddy.  You are ready and we are proud.


With love, joy, tears, pride, and fear,







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  1. I love this idea of writing letters… I am only nine years behind but I guess it is never too late to start 🙂

  2. Wow!!! What a beautiful letter! Your boys are incredibly blessed to have you as their dad; these letters that will one day become a book will be priceless to them! What a precious idea……you are an amazing man Ted! Keep Staying True!

  3. I love the idea that you write the boys letters to read when they are grown!
    Sending them off to their first day of school was without a doubt the most emotional day of life (possibly tied with their graduation day).
    You and Angel have so much to look forward to with the boys and I know you will both treasure those milestones and enjoy everyday that comes along 🙂

    Love you both and am so proud to know you and the parents that you have become!


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