Trump Needs Leadership 101

I do not consider myself a very political person.  Nor did I ever envision posting an opinion concerning this presidential election on this platform.  I apologize from straying from my norm.  However, I have been simply sitting back praying that this man does not become the LEADER of our great country.  I decided that sitting on the sidelines will not contribute to what my wishes are.  Donald Trump is in no way a leader and should not be President…period.  I agree with what many are saying about Trump in regards to his lack of respect for women and other minority groups.  But in order to not completely stray from the core of this blog I wanted to focus on a few aspects of leadership that this man lacks.  These thoughts come from watching the debate last night.

Great leaders are great communicators.  Donald Trump is a terrible communicator.

There is a great and widely known study about communication that looks into what is important in communication.  It takes into account the words we use, body language, and our voice (tone, inflection, etc).  The study concluded that words were the least important aspect of communication.  The breakdown was as follows…in percentage of importance.

Voice: 38%

Body Language: 55%

Words: 7%

Go back and watch 20 or 30 minutes of the debate on silence.  What you will witness is an angry man, posturing up and pacing around.  Pathetic and not fit to lead our country.


Great leaders hold themselves accountable.

Need I really say more here.  Diversion.  Diversion.  Diversion.  Man, was this guy full of diversion in the debate.  A great leader would own his/her faults, deficiencies, and opinions.  Donald did not of that.

Great leaders are empathetic and understand how to be just that.

Terrible answer, or lack there of, to the young Muslim woman who constantly gets stereotyped.  Could he have not tried to walk in this young woman shoes before going back to his ridiculous rhetoric?   A great leader would have known how to address the question, be empathetic, and make a higher level point.

My goal was to make this the shortest blog I have ever written and I am going to stay true to that.  I also wanted to attempt to keep my opinion in line with some of my previous posts on leadership and not an emotional rant….which surely is in me.

Look, above all the promises, rhetoric, etc we do need a President that understands what it means to be a great leader.  Just because someone made money does not mean they are a good leader.  In the past 48 hours, between the video and debate, Trump stamped it…HE IS NOT A LEADER and should not run this country.

Note that I am not saying Hillary is stellar…simply that Trump is far inferior.  And, don’t miss the great point about what is important in communication that has never been mentioned in this blog…it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.  This could not be more true and if you feel your messages are not landing then perhaps you should evaluate how you are delivering them.


Stay True,


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  1. I totally agree! I actually was getting heartburn feeling his intimidation come through the screen. Hillary kept her calm and composure even in the face of someone constantly standing over her, brooding and interrupting her. That, I can give her, her self control. Would have been nice to see Gary Johnson in the debates too. He, like you mention above, admits his shortcomings, mistakes and owns them.

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