A Timely Thumbs Up

I would get a few feet from the car in the 5th grade, turn around, and my Dad would be giving me a thumbs up.  In high school, before my football, basketball or baseball game would start, I would find my Dad in the stands, lock eyes and he would give me a thumbs up…I returned it and was ready to play.  I remember vividly walking down the ramp at the airport in Philadelphia, turning around and Dad would still be standing there giving me a thumbs up.  And even when he was dying and his body starting to wither from cancer, when I would leave his bedside, he would give me a thumbs up.  Damn it.  The tears rolling down my face as I write this scream how badly I could use a thumbs up about now. Continue reading “A Timely Thumbs Up”

New Year, New You? Could be…

We are 1 month into 2016.  And, as usual, this first month of the year flew by.  And, as usual, many people either made news year’s resolutions or at least thought about things they would like to change in the upcoming year.  And, as usual, many of us have already failed, lost sight of what we wanted to achieve, or are not doing what is necessary to really create the desired change.  One thing I know for sure is that when we were thinking of the positive changes we were going to make, we were optimistic.  But now, perhaps a little pessimism has seeped in.  So, I wanted to pause at the one month mark and touch on this…on the practical and emotional levels. Continue reading “New Year, New You? Could be…”