A Players Will Leave

Characteristics of an A Player:

  • Competent at what they do and delivers desired results consistently
  • Understands that leadership is action not position
  • Highly emotionally intelligent and therefore someone that is sought after for practical and otherwise advice
  • Proactively seeks to add value in undirected ways
  • Positive attitude and an ambassador of the desired culture
  • Holds himself/herself accountable

There are other characteristics and always ones that are specific to a job, but these are the foundational ones to me.

Now, have you ever lost someone like this?  Ever worked with someone that left you behind to take on “bigger and better” things?

Losing A Players slows down productivity, beats down morale and takes a chunk out of the bottom line.  And often enough starts a trickle down resulting in losing more A Players. Go a layer deeper only to find clients wondering why you can’t hold on to good employees.  Result…You could lose clients too.  No bueno.

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Proud Papa

I would stand on a mountain top and scream at the top of my lungs how proud I am to be the father of my son, Maxwell, who turns 2 today.  Well, I most likely would not be able to scream because I would be crying.  Those of you that know me well know this to be true.  Maxwell is more than worthy of my tears of pride, joy, humility and soulfully deep love.

Even since before my sons were born I have been writing them letters.  For holidays, their birthdays, after family vacation, while I am on a plane for a business trip or when something seemingly simple yet profound happens.  They each have their own album of letters and my hope is to present them with the letters on the day they graduate high shcool.  And yes, I do think if something should happen to me that they will have my written word on what they mean to me, a few lessons thrown in there, and images of my life with them.  Below I share the letter I wrote Maxwell for his 2nd birthday.  I share it because it is something some of you could be doing for varying people in your life.  Something that could have a profound affect on them later in life.  But mostly I share to share my joy and pride.  I am indeed a “Proud Papa”…very proud!


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