Lose the Crutches

Being on crutches is limiting.

I have physically been on crutches several times in my life. Torn ligaments in my ankle. Knee surgery. I was surely limited in what I could do. And frustrated. But I have realized that my mental crutches have been far more crippling to me and the people in my life, than the physical ones. What the helk is a mental crutch? I will define them as, something we use as an excuse for our negative behaviors or beliefs that are limiting our potential, damaging our relationships or keeping us stagnant in our evolution. We use them as a crutch when justifying our lack of empathy, poor behavior, or for not being smart enough, worthy of love, or able to get the promotion we want.  Most, if not all of us have them. Unfortunately, I have found in my work that most of us don’t recognize them in the context of my above definition. How do they develop? Continue reading “Lose the Crutches”

The Gift of Truth

About 5 months ago I was asked to sit in on an interview for my client.  I enjoy interviewing people.  Finding out the candidates story.  Figuring out if they have the required skill set and if they are a cultural fit.  In general, meeting new people and hopefully finding a great addition to the relevant team. In this particular instance we were building a recruiting team and looking for a strong addition.   The woman we were interviewing had a strong resume.  Unfortunately her interview did not follow suit.  She seemed somewhat scattered, not sure of herself or why she wanted the job, and could not articulate the potential value she could bring.  At the end of the interview when asked if she had any questions, she asked, “So do you think you will consider me for this job?”  I looked to my interviewing partner…she looked stunned at the question.  It was an uncomfortable moment.  Why?  Because the answer to her question was no.   Continue reading “The Gift of Truth”

Wave the White Flag

In 2010 I was accepted into the GBC LEADERship program…one of the best of it’s kind nationally.  I was flattered, excited and frankly, nervous as hell.  I was to spend a year with around 50 other leaders. The insecruties that I have alluded to in this blog were dripping from my pores as the first day of the program came closer.  Partly because I had read up on my classmates.  Included in my class were partners at the biggest law firms in Baltimore, owners of multi million dollar businesses, big wigs of M&T bank, the Chief of Staff for the Lt. Governor, PhD’s from Hopkins….and then there was me.  Ugh! Continue reading “Wave the White Flag”