Proud Papa

I would stand on a mountain top and scream at the top of my lungs how proud I am to be the father of my son, Maxwell, who turns 2 today.  Well, I most likely would not be able to scream because I would be crying.  Those of you that know me well know this to be true.  Maxwell is more than worthy of my tears of pride, joy, humility and soulfully deep love.

Even since before my sons were born I have been writing them letters.  For holidays, their birthdays, after family vacation, while I am on a plane for a business trip or when something seemingly simple yet profound happens.  They each have their own album of letters and my hope is to present them with the letters on the day they graduate high shcool.  And yes, I do think if something should happen to me that they will have my written word on what they mean to me, a few lessons thrown in there, and images of my life with them.  Below I share the letter I wrote Maxwell for his 2nd birthday.  I share it because it is something some of you could be doing for varying people in your life.  Something that could have a profound affect on them later in life.  But mostly I share to share my joy and pride.  I am indeed a “Proud Papa”…very proud!


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People told me it would go fast….

…but damn!

I have been trying to teach my 3 year old, Jaxon, how to make a deal. Honestly, most of it has been self serving.  Telling him things like, “If we play outside for 10 more minutes then we have to go eat dinasaur chicken, deal?”  Or, “Today we are going to go the grocery store, then the gym, and then to the pool, deal?”  It usually takes a minute but eventually he will agree to the deal and it saves a tantrum later. Continue reading “People told me it would go fast….”

Wave the White Flag

In 2010 I was accepted into the GBC LEADERship program…one of the best of it’s kind nationally.  I was flattered, excited and frankly, nervous as hell.  I was to spend a year with around 50 other leaders. The insecruties that I have alluded to in this blog were dripping from my pores as the first day of the program came closer.  Partly because I had read up on my classmates.  Included in my class were partners at the biggest law firms in Baltimore, owners of multi million dollar businesses, big wigs of M&T bank, the Chief of Staff for the Lt. Governor, PhD’s from Hopkins….and then there was me.  Ugh! Continue reading “Wave the White Flag”

Father’s Day Reflection 2015

I will never forget the call I got from my Dad the day the above picture was taken. With a quiver in his voice he said something like, “I just spent the day with the woman that played a major role in making it possible for you to be my son…Rosa Parks”. This is one of my favorite pictures of my Dad. It does not capture his true essence as my Dad, but captures a humble moment in his life and one that meant something incredibly deep and personal to him. I simply can not imagine what my life would be like without the deep influence of this man. Continue reading “Father’s Day Reflection 2015”

URGENT! Got something to say?

I didn’t.  And, you shouldn’t.

I had been back and forth from Minneapolis to Philadelphia 3 or 4 times and every time I was told this could be the last time I would see my Dad.  But this time was different.  Something told me it would in fact be the last time I saw him.  The night and morning before I left were the hardest hours of my life up to that point.  And the question I asked myself was “What was I going to say to him?”. Continue reading “URGENT! Got something to say?”

Give Yourself a Gift Today

By giving someone else a gift.

On the heels of my last post asking for change I offer this up…

I was recently in Safeway (Grocery Store) checking out early on a Sunday morning. There was a Safeway employee behind me in line. She looked like she worked in the bakery or deli given her hat and apron. I smiled and said hello. She put a diet coke up on the belt behind my big pile of groceries. I grabbed her coke, she looked at me like I was nuts, and asked the cashier to scan it and add it to my bill. I turned to the worker, handed her the diet coke, and said, “I thought I’d save you a few minutes and a buck or two…have a wonderful rest of your day”. That crazy look turned into one of gratitude…almost stunned. I left the store with an extra skip in my step. Continue reading “Give Yourself a Gift Today”

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s….

…My Mom!

Sorry to all you Superman fans but in my mind true heroes don’t wear red capes.  True heroes to me are the people in our lives that have dealt with and overcome all that life throws at us and still manage to love deeply, care compassionately, act selflessly, and attempt to do good in this world.  They accept their pain and failures and still push forward with the right intent. They, just like Superman, “save the day” in small and big ways…for individuals and for groups of people. Continue reading “It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s….”