People told me it would go fast….

…but damn!

I have been trying to teach my 3 year old, Jaxon, how to make a deal. Honestly, most of it has been self serving.  Telling him things like, “If we play outside for 10 more minutes then we have to go eat dinasaur chicken, deal?”  Or, “Today we are going to go the grocery store, then the gym, and then to the pool, deal?”  It usually takes a minute but eventually he will agree to the deal and it saves a tantrum later.  Recently I was laying on the bean bag in the family room and he climbed on me, cuddled up and then whispered in my ear “Daddy how about we go to target and get a new truck, DEAL?”  I was floored and my wife and I were in tears with laughter.  By the way, his face was priceless.  We struck a deal and yes, he got a new truck within the hour.

But damn….

He wasn’t supposed to understand deals that quickly.  He’s only 3.  My oldest is becoming a boy.  A beautiful boy.  A smart and intuitive little guy.  An older brother.  Fast.

As mentioned in a previous post, I did not have my first child until I was 40.  I lost a lot of sleep thinking that I had children too late in life…for many reasons.  I no longer think that.  I am acutally immersed in all the benefits of having children later life and extremely thankful.

But Damn….

It seems to be going too fast.

My youngest, Maxwell, turns 2 in just a few short weeks.  Our last baby.  As I watch him navigate his puzzles on his Ipad, pick up new words everyday and begin to connect with his brother, I become accutely aware of what people meant when they said it goes too fast.  He is a little person, not my baby boy.  Smart as a whip.  Determined as anyone I encounter in a day.  And, so incredibly loving.

I was particularly aware of this this past week as I saw many people’s pictures of their kid’s on the first day of school.  This is actually what inspired this quick post. My mind could not help but go to picturing my own sons starting school.  I am a sap.  I got teary eyed just thinking of it.


I am not sure it will ever feel like it isn’t going too fast.

But, there is another perspective.

Perhaps my boys have slowed me and my wife down just enouph to truly settle in to what is gifted us daily.

My boys are the cause for so much joy in our home.  My wife and I are connecting on levels we would have never connected on without them.  We spend days in the grass, in the water, in nature.  We sometimes just lay on the floor and laugh.  Since when did simply laying on a bean bag become such a connecting moment?  I actually sat in a pool for 20 minutes last weekend.  While it may seem at times it is going fast, the truth of the matter is it has actually forced us to “just be” in many instances. To see the world through their lens is so refreshing and life giving.  I am thankful.  Not just for my family but the speed and concentration of my life.



I couldn’t help but include a pic from this past Saturday on the way out the door to uphold my end of the deal and go to the pool.

I have said in past posts that it took tradgedy for me to tap into my trueest self.  Perhaps it took having kids to have me and my wife focus on deeper meaning.  To slow down.  To find joy in the simple things.  To live a bit more innocently.

My point today is simply to slow down….we are the ones that often make things go too fast.  Fact is, I look forward to growing older with my family and all that comes with that.  The real question is, will I regret how I spent my time and did I truly connect?  Did I soak in the joys of my babies, toddlers, and little boys?

I know, at times it will still seem as if it goes too fast, but I am coming to fully understand why people have told me to “Be in the moment.”

So, pause, smile and know that tidibits of simply joy are right in front of you.

Let me share one that I am pretty sure will make you smile…

Jaxon is thinking about “going potty like Daddy”.  Recently my wife was working with him on this and he was standing at the toilet trying to go.  Nothin was coming out.  He looked up at Angel and said (with a sad face), “Mommy I think my ‘pupper’ is broke.  I think it needs batteries.”

Cliche of the day….Stop to smell the roses.  If we applied action to these overused words life would in fact slow down just enough to capture all the gifts and joys available to us everyday.  Whether it be with your kids, loved ones, co-workers, nature, yourself…whatever, whoever it is, smell it!


Stay True,



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  1. My post keeps timing out 🙁
    Just want to say that yes, time fly’s by with your babies! I’m only a few years older than you Ted and mine are 29 & 27 years old now, one on his own the other still home following her heart with animals. I feel as though they were just born but all that time has in fact gone by and I just shake my head in wonderment of where did it all go!

  2. Just read this while parked in front of The University of the Arts in Philly as Sheila and Jack check in and get his college ID and dorm room keys. Each chapter is better than the last and every page is worth reading out loud. Staying true.

  3. Beautiful post. We do not understand just how fast time goes until we can measure it through the ever-expanding abilities (and height) of our children. It is fortunate that you have also allowed yourself to stop and enjoy the experiences of the every day – soon you won’t have those experiences again – good news though, you’ll have different ones and they bring just as much joy.

  4. Great post. Life goes as fast or as slow as you allow it to go. Clearly, you’re letting a lot sink in!!!

  5. I love it Ted! Its so true! I feel that way everyday when something new happens or is learned. Its so exciting and yet humbling at the same time.

  6. Ted this is so true and I loved this blog.Our grandchildren are growing so quickly and it’s always nice to hear all the new things that they are saying and doing for Mike and I as the grandparents .

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